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WORLD OF WARCRAFT 30 DAY CHALLENGE (DAY 3): Favorite Racial Leader (Horde)

Da Horde is my people.  If it be war you bring, den I stand against you.

Exams are finally done, and I’m back like an Undead Death Knight.  I’ll be working on requests tonight :)


this is my favorite twitter account ever I swear to god

Hi everyone!

Both winners of the giveaway have replied.  The first place winner wished to remain anonymous, so I’d like to congratulate selunyaon winning second place!

I’d just like to take this time to say that this blog will be on a temporary hiatus for April due to my crazy exam schedule.  There are a couple of submissions sitting in the ask box (that have been there for a while, sorry!) and I’ll try to get to those.  However, any other requests may be put on hold for the time being.