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World of Warcraft Things;


1. What is your real character?

Sorry, I’m a little private about this (mostly due to my fear of scrutiny over my poorly geared/transmogged toon).  But I have a variety of characters on Darkspear :)  My main being a Blood Elf Rogue.

2. Do you follow back?

If your blog is a 100% WoW blog, yes, please send me a message & I will happily follow you (Unless there’s NSFW content)! I don’t follow personal blogs because I can’t control the NSFW content (we all forget to tag our posts! :P), and I usually scroll through Tumblr on this account in public.  A lot.

I follow back on my personal blog, however. :)

3. Horde or Alliance?

I’ve played both factions at one point or another.  I play Horde primarily because my friends do as well :)  Also, giant cows.

4. What do you have against Moonguard?