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Anonymous: Hey! Do you draw? Maybe you could do an art giveaway if your funds are low!! Just a suggestions uwu

Hi anon!  I really appreciate the thought, but alas my art skills are how do I say it…




The Horse Of A Killer by ~BurnsLikeIce

So I got an e-mail today from Blizzard…

It turns out I won the Comic Contest for April with my “Horse of a Killer” comic.
I won a World of Warcraft: Pearl of Pandaria Comic (Hardcover).

I am so excited about this, that I had to immediately share it.

Consider yourself spammed with SQUEEEEEEEE.

Anonymous: I don't care about ganking. So long as you don't sit there and camp the poor soul.


(Source: Axas Exsanguinity)


Definitely the pope joke that’s made me laugh hardest.


This week’s collection of things that would make a better warchief than Garrosh.


The History of WoW in One Panel